Pave your own

The Backbone

The Path to Freedom concept is the backbone of Insider Success. It is impossible to achieve the greatest results you are looking for in life without first having a path and a plan to get there. The five steps in the Path to Freedom outlined below are the only way to achieve success in any business or life. If you really want to have a breakthrough in your life, take the first step in understanding what your path is all about. Enjoy this amazing training program as a member of Insider Success.

A Note From Jason

"I believe that there is only one way to achieve your dreams in life. Far too often, people set out on a journey of life. They seek first to make a lot of money and second to have a life of purpose. I started Insider Success to change that concept of achievement. Unless the path you are on and the tasks that you perform are in alignment with you true destiny in life, you will always find yourself struggling to get ahead. You will never find your true direction.

I created the Path to Freedom series to help people find out what is really in important life. To become a true leader in your family and your business, you must start with your mission, mindset and motivation before moving to a focus on money. If your desire to create a business is not linked to your mission and purpose in life, then that business will struggle. If you can't keep the motivation when times get rough, you might give up when you are right on the brink of making real money. Don't miss a step! These short weekly episodes are designed to help you organize your thoughts and then your actions in a manner that will lead to long-lasting change and positive impact.

Join me on a path...your path. Join me as I lead you through a journey into yourself. Create a life worth living. Create a business worth building."

- Jason McClain

Your Personal Path to Freedom

Your path to freedom is paved by change. Along your path are 5 milestones that lead to change. You must conquer each milestone in a step-by-step fashion to find true freedom.