Mission Monday: Five Companies Finding Success by Staying True to Their Mission

October 17th, 2016

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One of the key elements to companies finding success is staying true to your mission. We’ve talked about mission statements and goals extensively here at Insider Success, and now we’re going to explore some examples of companies finding success because they focused on their mission. After all, your mission is your business purpose. Without it, there’s no reason to do business, right? Let’s jump in!

Five Companies Finding Success Through Mission Focus

While business success stories often twine around innovation and flexibility, it is easy to see companies finding success through a near hyper focus on their original mission. Let’s check out some real life examples.

1. Twitch.tv

I had to include Twitch in the list because their situation is unique. They are a prime example of revisiting your mission statement and revising it. For those who don’t know, Twitch.tv is a platform designed for gamers to broadcast their gameplay.

They are unique because Twitch is actually a spin-off from a company that launched in 2007 called Justin.tv. Justin.tv originally started as a YouTube competitor that allows uses to create communities around any type of video. When they took a look at which communities were drawing the biggest crowd, it was gaming hands-down. At that point, they decided to double down and create a service that catered to this area. While they have adhered to their original mission as a streaming video service, they are finding success by concentrating in a tighter niche.  Their reward:

  • 8.5 million active users daily
  • 1.7 million gamers streaming
  • The company sold in 2014 to amazon for $970 million

2. Uber

Enter the share economy. Uber is one of several services based on a share economy that is rapidly growing although not always smiled upon. They remain true to their mission to provide transportation “everywhere to everyone”. An Uber is only minutes away via their app and is easy and painless to arrange. Uber leapfrogged the taxi cab and filled the need for more personal, friendly, and affordable transportation all over the world.

3. AirBnB

Also among companies finding success in the share economy, you will find AirBnB. If you’re more into bed and breakfast situations over hotels, then you’ll think AirBnB is revolutionary. You can quickly arrange accommodations all over the world via your phone in minutes. You can book long and short stays. As AirBnB says in their mission statement, you can “belong anywhere”. Don’t just tour a location, see what it’s like to belong there.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is highly underrated. Their commitment to “help people discover the things they love” is golden. Not only because it’s a nice concept, but because it’s true! It’s obvious that their mission is to inspire, and that is how the platform should be approached and explored. I use one Pinterest account for both my personal interests as well as business. I arrange the boards with business at the top, it’s simply a place where I save the things that inspire me. If you are a creative of any type, an innovator, inventor, or anything closely related, you need to be on Pinterest.

5. Dropbox

With an emphasis on privacy in these uncertain times, Dropbox had us at “privacy has always been our priority”. Their products are easy to use and essential to sharing files between places, people and devices. I love Google Drive, but they never promised me privacy, so I use Dropbox for more sensitive file storage and sharing in the cloud.

Wrap Up

The bottom line here is that companies finding success are doing it based on the emphasis they put on their mission statement and staying true to it. Do you know more companies like the ones listed here that are following their mission to a T? Share in the comments below!

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